Briana Harry - September 17, 2020

Acouple of weeks ago, I took a bath with the Unwind Sweet Lavender Bath Soak by RootedSol, and honey. Let me just tell you. Game. Changer. I know that you may be thinking that this is just another product promising you a blissful period. You may be thinking you’re just not that girl. You’re not the frolic through the flowers and have a joy of a time during your period type, you know, like the chicks on the tampon commercials. You also may have given up on the idea of being in less pain, let alone no pain, during your menses. Sweetness, I feel you. I too was this Woman. Maybe even more than you. Let me explain.

By the time I was 15, I had the thought that I was just plain immune to pain medications. There wasn’t an extra strength strong enough. I had extremely heavy, long periods that would take me right out. And the cramps? Forget about it. I’ll spare you the piercing details. I would often have to skip school while on my cycle. It was absolutely ridiculous, especially since, back then, I had no idea how common this was. So, thankfully for me, my Mother took me to the doctor to get birth control to help me have an easier time. While it was easier, I guess what I was going through before that was the equivalent to the electric chair, because they were still pretty bad. But. At least I could get myself out of bed to suffer at school like a normal teenager.

So, I’ve actually remained on birth control this entire time. That’s 13 years on the pill. In that amount of time, I’d finally gotten to a point where my periods were completely tamed. Then, somewhere within the last two years, I started to skip periods. Sometimes 2 or 3 in a row. My doctor tells me this is fine for someone who’s been on the pill as long as I have, but the periods I do get, not fine. They’re not as bad as I remember them being as a teen, but they give me flashbacks, if you catch my drift. So, every couple of months, I find myself having 5 straight days of an extremely heavy flow, drum line style cramps, and back pain. Not to mention everything else. It sucks.

So, that’s been the norm again for the past couple of years. I’ve learned to just brace myself and ride it out, knowing that medicines won’t help. Until. *cue the heavenly harp* Rooted Sol! I’m not kidding when I say I was in shock at the amount of relief I felt. It was day 3 of my period, I was extremely anxious and irritated, and my cramps were off the charts. The kind of cramps that wrap around and really makes you its b****. I said, “you know what? Let me just take a bath and try to sleep this off.” I really thought that the sleep would be what helped, as long as I could get to sleep, maybe I’ll wake up feeling better. P.S. this never happens.

I was absolutely not prepared to feel what I felt 20 minutes after pouring half of that amazing smelling soak into my tub. I thought that maybe I was a little delusional; that after the day I’d had and maybe the way too high heat of my bath water, I just willed myself to believe I felt better. While in the tub, it took a moment or two for me to adjust to the feel of the soak in the water. You have to excuse me, I’m a bit of a bath amateur. Once that was out of my focus, it was so easy to relax. I’m really big on aroma therapy and the use of essential oils, so for me, the lavender scent did exactly what it was meant to.

My anxiety started to slip away and I found myself at calm for the first time all day. To be honest, this alone makes the soak way worth it to me. But then! I felt actual relief. The cramps that were at first so heavy and permeating throughout my whole torso, were now reduced to a dull ache. So dull that I was completely at ease and comfortable enough to fall fast asleep. Good sleep. Like, how I slept before I had bills.

I’m so thankful and happy for all of the work being done to prove that natural ingredients can actually bring relief, to a girl like me who laughs in the face of 800 measly milligrams. I’m big on CBD for my anxiety, so I should have known it’d work wonders here too. I am a walking, less cramp having testimony. If you want to relax, pamper yourself, and ease that pesky pain. You better go get you some.

Briana Harry, better known as Bri Stories, is a writer, podcaster, and content creator who is passionate about the use of individual truth as a catalyst for collective growth and healing.

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Unwind Bath Soak - Sweet Lavender
Unwind Bath Soak - Sweet Lavender
Unwind Bath Soak - Sweet Lavender
Unwind Bath Soak - Sweet Lavender

Unwind Bath Soak - Sweet Lavender


An all-natural mind and body soothing experience. Our hemp-infused bath soak opens up the pores and provides full-body relief of aches and pains connected to PMS, exercise, or stress. The presence of certified organic carrier oils and lavender essential oil increases moisturizing, calming, healing properties.*

8oz product contains 250mg of CBD for up to 2 uses

24oz product contains 750mg of CBD for up to 6 uses

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