how are you MANAGING your period pain?

More than 80% of people experience menstrual pain at some point during their lifetime.

We believe that every person should be able to menstruate safely and with poise. 

Our products are:

100% plant-based and organic.

Vagina-tested + approved.

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"I was stunned. As someone who’s suffered with painful periods since first having one, I’ve never experienced relief to this degree without medication ."
BRIANA HARRY - @bri.stories

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Benefit 1

We pride ourselves in offering 100% clean, safe, non-toxic essentials that are plant-based and free from pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and artificial fragrances and dyes.

Benefit 2

Our products go straight to the source of the pain and can be used as a healthy alternative to over-the-counter medication*.  They can provide full-body relief of aches and pains connected to PMS, exercise, or stress.  

Benefit 3

Each product is handmade with the highest quality certified organic ingredients sourced in the USA. We test all of our products through a third-party lab to ensure purity and potency.

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Unwind Bath Soak - Sweet Lavender
Unwind Bath Soak - Sweet Lavender
Unwind Bath Soak - Sweet Lavender
Unwind Bath Soak - Sweet Lavender

Unwind Bath Soak - Sweet Lavender

Solace Suppositories
Solace Suppositories
Solace Suppositories

Solace Suppositories


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